Clip to Markdown - resulting file can't be edited in DT?

If this been answered before I apologize - I did my best to search and can’t find an answer. Since I have the Clip from Safari working for a few hours (see my Clip to Devonthink from Safari only saving links) I thought I would experiment with clipping a webpage to Markdown. My thinking being I could edit it inside DT to remove extra stuff at the end. Mad genius idea. Apparently I lose my genius points today.

The clipping doesn’t seem to editable inside DT, I had to switch to external application. Is this intentional?

Confused in Ottawa

From the Help > Documentation > Documents > Markdown Documents section…

There is also Preferences > Media > Markdown that allows you to choose the default mode when selecting Markdown documents.

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FWIW the thing that had me really confused was:

The icon made it clear that the file wasn’t in edit mode. So of course I clicked on it a hundred times trying to make it editable. This of course didn’t work :slight_smile:

I’m sharing this just on the off chance it gives you a tiny feature idea for another lifetime.

Ahh… I see what you were thinking. Noted.