Clip to Pdf vs Save Pdf to DT

I notice a big difference in file size of a PDF Clipped to DT vs one Print/Saved to DT.

For example, the latest Macworld article … c.rss_main

Clip to PDF is 550KB, Save to is 145KB. The Clip To is quicker to use, but I don’t want 3-4 times the disk space used. Any ideas why?


Over here, I get 155 KB and 152 KB, respectively Clipped vs Print/Saved – same article at the link you posted.

There are differences. “Clipped” version is smaller point size and had two blank pages appended at the end. Deleting these caused the file to get 2 KB bigger ( :question: go figure). “Print/Saved” version is more readable and no extra pages

Apparently the Clip to PDF page version is 143, but the Clip to PDF (not paged) is 540-550. Strange, I would have figured the form without page break would have less formatting changes, and thus not increase in size. Is this as it should be? Thanks