Clip to Safari?

Feeling pretty stupid right now. I’ve upgraded to DevonThink 3 and am running Catalina. Consequently, I don’t have access to the simple extension that DT had in the past where a simple key combo captured the web page address I was on and would then pass it to DT. DT3 apparently has a Clip to Safari feature but I can’t for the life of me figure out where it is and how to activate it. There are four Devonthink Pro services listed in the Safari Services menu but I suspect they’re holdovers from my older version. Any help would be appreciated.

Check your menu bar. You should see “DEVONthink” or the devonthink logo up there. Click and you’ll see several options for clipping content, including from safari. You can configure hotkeys, appearance, etc. under the “sorter” tab in the preferences menu.

Version 3 includes a native extension for Safari which can be enabled in Safari > Preferences > Extensions. An installation isn’t necessary anymore.