Clip YouTube video links always title the bookmark as “YouTube”

When clipping a video link from youtube, DTTG automatically populates the title field with “YouTube”. You can see the title changes from the webpage title to “YouTube” if clipped from Safari.

That’s probably a Youtube issue. I see this happening all the time, in all destination apps (like Instapaper, …).

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To add another note to this, there’s currently no way to watch bookmarked Youtube videos in Picture-in-Picture on iPad, which is a really disappointing bug (?)

Another YouTube “feature”, they block this because they want to sell their Premium service for background playback. There are apps like PiP-it! and also shortcuts that try to get around this. All these solutions tend to break rather often.

There is a workaround to this I forgot to mention. When using Safari, specify website settings for Youtube to request the desktop site. This will include the name when sharing to other apps, including DTTG.

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On the Mac you could try Scripts > Rename > To Web Page Title to fix the title.

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