Clipboard Cleared When Quitting DTpro 2.x

It appears that if I copy text from within DTpro and then quit DTpro before pasting, the text on the clipboard is cleared when DTpro quits. I’ve seen other apps do this as a security measure, but please make it optional!


Well, in a sense it is an option but the option is on your shoulders: You can either leave DTPO open and do the pasting or you can quit it and lose the clipboard contents. It’s your choice. :smiling_imp:

I’ve tried this twice and my clipboard text wasn’t cleared after quitting DTPO in either case.

Now, I’m using CopyPaste Pro. That may have had an effect on my results. If the persistent clipboard contents after quitting DTPO are due to CopyPaste Pro, downloading the free version of CPP will resolve the issue.

Besides, I think everyone should use at least the free version of CopyPaste Pro anyway, and don’t understand why Apple hasn’t integrated something similar into the Finder. CPP is the best of breed (I learned that the hard way after buying PHTPasteboard) and an incredible timesaver with DTPO. The only additional feature you get in paid mode is that your entire clipboard array of up to 200 cells is saved to disk between system restarts.

DarylF2, hope this helps.

It’s a debugging glitch of the latest beta (except of DEVONthink Pro Office) and will be removed by the next beta.

Thank goodness! :slight_smile: