Clipping from a web page

I’m currently comparing DevonThink to Together and Evernote. I like it very much, but find the various methods for clipping data from web pages confusing.

I tested clipping partial extracts from the following page: … _With_MAMP

Here’s my understanding:

  • selecting a web page fragment and dragging the clipping to the dock icon imports the fragment as a web archive
  • clicking the safari extension button or ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ bookmarklet allows you to clip the fragment as text, but selecting HTML seems to do nothing at all, and web archive / pdf clip the entire page, not the selected fragment

This is expected behaviour?

  • the other bookmarklets, apart from ‘Selection’, work on the entire page?
  • the ‘Selection’ bookmarklet creates a note, not web archive or anything else
  • the services menu entries can successfully clip the web page fragment to text, RTF and web archive

I’m using the services menu shortcuts to clip partial fragments and the Safari extension button to clip entire page and add bookmarks. This works, but I wanted to be sure everything was working as expected and this can’t be done more consistently just through the extension button?


The HTML button of the extension is currently broken. Everything else is basically working as expected, due to limitations of bookmarklets/extensions support for selections is limited. Therefore the extension/bookmarklet is recommended to clip whole pages, services are recommended to clip selections.

Thanks for the reply. Good to know I’m approaching it the right way.