Clipping from NetNewsWire into DT

Recently started using NetNewsWire 2 (Lite) for RSS. In NNW: I “select all” of an item I want to put into DT. Then, I use DT services to make a new RTF note in DT. Everything transfers in fine and retains the links EXCEPT the news item title which loses it’s link. I have tried every style sheet in NNW and all do the same except one, Timbru, which does keep the title as a link – I don’t know anything about CSS but it seems it’s how the style sheet is designed. Problem is Timbru doesn’t copy the rest of the text in as readable a manner (word wrapping problem) as the other stylesheets. Obviously I want to keep the link in DT as it is my way of finding the item on the web later since DT can’t grab it’s URL. Any suggestions on better integrating NNW with DT? or any CSS designers out there who could make a simple stylesheet for NNW that would allow copying of the title with link embedded?

I have the same problem with the paid version of NetNewsWire. I clip a lot from NNW into DevonThink, and I’ve been getting around the problem by copying the link first, then selecting the text, making new DevonThink RTF note with services, then pasting the URL into the URL column in the DT item list. I’ve gotten used to the extra step, but it would be great if the URL was automatically included in the list. (If I use services to make an RTF note from a web page in Safari, the URL shows up in the list of notes.) I don’t know if the problem is on the NNW side or the DT side, but if there’s any adjustment I can make–either in DevonThink or to my NNW stylesheet, it would be a timesaver.

BTW, this is my first post here, so I’ll just say that I love DevonThink and am greatly looking forward to the Pro version.

Father Moses and Clara:

NetNewsWire is not making the URL and/or other information available to OS Services at this time. You might contact them and ask iƒ they can do this. If they are using Cocoa, it might be possible.

In the meantime, Clara’s procedure is probably best.

Why not use an Applescript?

Thanks for the tips. After further use, I’ve found the following approach is sufficient for my purposes:
As I said above, I have found that the included stylesheet called “Timbru”, will keep the header as a link to the website. Just click in the body of the news item, select all, then use services to make a new RTF note in DT. It goes into DT and the title of the news item is now a link. Sure, the URL does not appear in DT’s URL box, but that is fine with me. For some reason, “Timbru” seems to be the only stylesheet that will actually retain the link through the copy and paste process. If anyone develops a better stylesheet or an Applescript than that would be nice, but I don’t have the know-how or time.