Clipping pages with images to markdown (yes, again, but with a proposal)

hi everyone

I capture a lot of web pages to markdown, many of which have embedded images. The clipper generally delivers the images as embedded links to the original sources, or tries to do that and breaks (an example that works well and one that does not are included below).

Often I actually want the image as much as the content, and so I have to manually clip the images.

It would be nice to have an option for the clipper, similar to the “clutter-free” check box for “capture images”, although it might need a text widget for a “local filename”, so that e.g first image is saved as “local_filename_1” etc. Yes, we’d end up with lots of new database entries for one clip, but then it would be possible to group them or do whatever we wanted. The existing situation requires lots of workrounds.

Yes, I understand the limitations of markdown, and the other clipping options, but there are lots of good reasons why I (and I think many others) would like something like this. It doesn’t seem like it would be a difficult extension to the existing (excellent) functionality.

As promised:

  • works well, but if I wanted them, I’d have to clip all the images manually: link
  • none of the image links resolve properly: link

(In all cases tested using both chrome and safari using the markdown option)

Thanks for considering this (even if you reject it)


Interesting proposal. We’ll consider it, with no promises, of course.

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I second this development. Saving all content locally and referencing these images in the markdown the same way the weblink does in current markdown clipping does, ensures the longevity of the document.

As an alternative you might want to take a look at MarkDownload GitHub - deathau/markdownload: A Firefox and Google Chrome extension to clip websites and download them into a readable markdown file.