clipping to devonthink from within devonthink

hello all. probably this is a dumb question but it is baffling me. If I am reading a document in DT, then from within that document open another link, then want to clip that new document into my database, how do I do it? I can’t find a direct way to do it, so end up eg exporting it as rtf somewhere then manually putting it in the sorter, then moving it from the global inbox to my database. which is a little long-winded. all help appreciated.

Depends on the type of file that document is, but let’s say for example it is a web page. Control-click or right-click somewhere in the document you want to save (in a white space is best) and the contextual menu will pop up, from which you can save the document in various formats:

Thanks but when I control click on a web page from within DT database (have a mac magic mouse so can’t right-click), I don’t get that menu but one about search and page view. On an rtf file I get a format menu but it includes a “services” section that does include eg put in sorter, capture as rich note. Anyway I’ll keep experimenting.

if you only want to import a selection (which i prefer these days on websites due to the significantly reduced filesize), you could simply select it and press “command+shift+5”.

Control-click = right click,

Like bosie, I usually prefer capturing only a selected portion of the page. bosie’s tip results in capture of the selected area as WebArchive,

Alternatively, using the keyboard shortcut “Command-)” will capture the selection as rich text.