Clipping trouble after upgrade to 10.6.8

Anybody else have an issue trying to clip pdfs after upgrading to 10.6.8? Clipping works with standard web pages, but not pdfs downloaded in Safari 5.


Hi there,

Honestly I’d be more surprised if it could clip PDFs in 10.6.7 or any other version. The way the clipper works requires some JavaScript to be injected into the loaded tab’s document context, and non-HTML content (PDFs, images, videos, etc that lack a surrounding HTML page) have no such context to interact with.

I’ve just done a quick test and it doesn’t operate on a PDF on a 10.6.7 machine that I have here, so I think this is, thus far, the expected behaviour.

That said, it’d be nice if we could clip non-HTML content as well, so I’m going to make a note about investigating this a little further. Thanks for the report!


Thanks much. I suppose I got confused with what I clip INTO pdfs, and trying to clip pdfs per se…