Clipping using browser extension tags issue

I use the browser extension in Firefox a lot. Normally works great, until recently.

I can clip web pages just fine into any of the formats I want, that’s great.

I usually add tags in the clip window, but something has changed because any tags I add in the clipper don’t come into DT. I now have to add tags to the file after it’s in DT.

The same thing happens when I select files in Finder, right-click and select Services | Add to DEVONthink 3.

The file goes into DT fine, but any tags I add don’t enter DT with the file.

I have no idea why this change happened.

I removed the extension and re-installed, issue persist.

2013 iMac
macOS: Catalina (can’t upgrade to anything newer)
DT 3 (always open)

This is known and will be addressed in the next release.

PS: This has been reported several times on the forums. Please avail yourself of the search feature before posting. Thanks!