Clipping visibility

Now for a second question.
Whenever I clip some tidbit via the services menu (and possibly other ways I have not checked), the items do not appear in the left hand panel when in 3-pane view. They do appear in the other views, but in the 3-pane view there is just a blank below the last group I created. Clicking anywhere below the last group make them appear in the upper panel. Is this normal or is there some setting for this view that I need to fiddle with?

Thanks for your time and help,

Robert, the Three Panes view is designed to show only groups in the left column. In the case you described, if you were to switch for the moment to the Vertical Split view, for example, you would see the added clipping document.

The reason you have to click below the group that is holding the current focus in your Three Panes view is simply that the added clipping is not in the group that holds the current focus. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Bill.
I will just plan on switching to another view until I get any new clippings sorted into groups.

Thanks again,


to see your clipping, simply DEselect the currect group in the left pane in Three Panes view (Command-click.) This shows the contents of the root level in the upper right pane, and should also reveal your clipping.

Thank you, Eric.
That is what I was doing to reveal them. I was just stumped the first time I saw them in the document list pane with no group selected. Could not figure out where they were. I guess I expected them to be in a default “unfiled” group with a group icon.

Thanks again for your help.