Clipping Web Pages creates only empty documents


When clipping web sites on my iPad I get only empty documents in DT. I really need that function on my iPad, too.

Do you know of that bug?


Could you post an example site that “creates only empty document”?

Sure, that one

And the one from an older post that should work:

I also attach a screenshot of what I get. And this is with all the sites I try.

Don’t use the clutter-free option. Not all web pages can be successfully clipped with the clutter-free option, especially click-bait and ”news” sites.

But then I get all the stuff, that I do not want in my reading archive.

See the screenshot attached.

Is there no way to have a workflow that can cope with that issue? I am working in research and I need to collect hundreds of articles and that makes working with the content very painful.

This is due to the way these sites use dynamic content to deliver what you see, and no, there is currently no option to circumvent this. It’s also site-dependent due to the differences in how sites are designed and engineered.

I suggest trying the clutter-free option on new sites you visit, but for sites exhibiting this issue, don’t use the option.

For sites like these, I use the Print Friendly bookmarklet on iOS and macOS then hit PDF and it opens a PDF cleared of all the cruft which you can Clip to DEVONthink.

I prefer PDFs because they are static.

Here is a screen recording of the process capturing the BBC article above:


Have you tried the Safari reader view on iOS? If you’ve never bothered with it, click on the very left of the address bar (on the parallel horizontal lines) to activate the reader view.
Then share > Print.
Once in print menu use a two finger pinch zoom gesture and this should then be converted to pdf.
Then use the share extension to clip to Devonthink. The only limitation is if you don’t want a pdf.

Forgive me if I asked you this already but why use print friendly rather than the Safari reader view and saving to pdf?

I find Safari Reader View doesn’t work on all sites, and it sometimes doesn’t show images. Whereas Print Friendly works every time and shows images, plus gives you the option to delete sections of the text, images, or any extra stuff you don’t want in the PDF before you save the PDF.

Safari Reader is great for quick PDF saving and I use it sometimes but when I need to save an article for research purposes, I always use PDF Friendly.

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As already mentioned, Safari Reader View doesn’t always work or render the page the way you might want. It’s definitely one of the first tool in my web-clipping toolbox, though.

If the DTP web clipper doesn’t give me the result I want, and neither does Reader View, or the site’s own print format, I invoke The Printliminator and fiddle with the site before clipping. This mostly involves deleting various elements from the web page, but it can be finicky. The Printliminator also has its own Print dialog, which sometimes works well.

Usually, one of these gets me what I want.

My main reasons for using Print Friendly are 1) if preserves images (Reader frequently does a poor job of this for the sites I clip); 2) it preserves links in the text; and 3) to my eyes it produces a cleaner look.

Downside: internet connection is needed.

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