Clipping Wikipedia articles_different renderings

There is probably a rational explanation for this but I do not know what it is! When I am looking at Wikipedia and use clip to DEVONthink from Safari usually the article is rendered to RTF and clipped to the Global inbox which is great but occasionally the article is not rendered to RTF but clipped as a Web Document! I really do prefer the former so I was wondering why this phenomena should be?

As an example today I “clipped” which came out as a web document.

Does this persist after a machine reboot?

The clipper should clip whatever format you select in “Format” – did you select one format but the clipper actually used a different format?

That is correct korm, (how good to hear from you :smiley: ) I selected PDF (Paginated) and it opened as a web document. Now that is very strange as I always clip to PDF (Paginated) and it has been opening unnoticed by me in RTF and now HTML!

But, and it is a big but, it only happens in one database that is now crashing all the time, see this thread DEVONthink Pro Office crashing so I am thinking that it is all to do with that db.