Close/Delete Databases

In this newer version DP3, the “close” and “delete” database menu commands are near each other. As this is the beta, might I suggest moving the two menu commands a bit farther apart?

This is no different than it has always been :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. I remember mentioning this before and there’s another post from 2014. Unless I’m in rare company, I know I’ve come close to deleting when meaning to close. No worries, just thought I’d throw my two cents in,

This has almost caught me out once or twice as well…

I always pause and check very carefully before clicking as a result. I seem to recall there’s another step or two(?) after selecting ‘delete’, but always found it a bit odd that the option to ‘delete’ is so close to ‘close’.

Did you notice the additional checkbox in the delete alert? It’s not that easy anymore :slight_smile: