Close vs. Delete Database ... Close not apparently available

On Desktop DEVONthink there is a distinction between “Close Database” and “Delete Database”.

On DEVONThink To Go, I can find only “Delete Database”. This causes me concern. If I “Delete” a database on DEvONThink To Go, and that database is synced in DropBox, does that then delete the database everywhere?

I did notice in Locations that I can unselect a database and it turns local … then after that the database is “Deleted”, what happens elsewhere? I hope/assume nothing.

What I’m trying to do is simply remove a copy of the database on my iPhone but it should be retained elsewhere.

As I watched on iPhone the message about the database is in the process of being deleted, I quickly took backups on the desktops in case the change rippled thru!! Call me cautious.

I just had a brainstorm to test.

On desktop, created a new database “Test to Delete”. Synched to Dropbox. Waited till it all went up there. The on iPad, in Locations, added that “Test to Delete” database. After it all synched, then swiped left on it to “delete”. It disappeared from the iPad, which was the desired result. Then looked in locations, and the “Test to Delete” still there, but shown as “remote”. Watched for it to delete on desktop and it did not.

Looked on a second desktop machine where the “Test to Delete” was never created or synched. Show up in “Preferences/Sync” as in the "remote. That is desired result.

So it seems “delete” on iPad does not work same as “delete” on Desktop.

Am I missing something? Maybe on iPad the nomenclature on iPad should be “Remove” (to suggest it’s removed from the iPad). I suspect “Close” not the right word as that implies, like on the desktop, the database file remains in existence, but just not “opened” in DevonThink.

“Delete” and the warnings that are given gave me cause for concern, which on further testing was unwarranted (far as I can tell).

Why would it delete the database from everywhere? :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Delete works the same on both. You are deleting a local resource. That’s all.
Deleting a database from DEVONthink does not remove it from another Synced machine, nor does it remove it from any Sync locations.
Likewise, deleting a database from DEVONthink To Go 2 does neither of those things.

Jim, at risk of repeating the obvious here - please just comfirm I understand this correctly:

On an iPhone/iPP, set up to communicate with DBs on the Mac via Bonjour, I would be free to delete DBs on my iPhone/iPP at random/will - with NO impact on the DBs saved on the Mac?
So a bi-directional sync etc., is purely for keeping DBs up to date, but won’t act as a kill-switch that sees Mac (my canonical DBs) be effected in the slightest?

Not an insignificant issue to misunderstand, so figured I would just double-check! 8)

No impact whatsoever (and it would be a frightening and horrible thing if it did! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: )

Remember: EVERY DEVICE is its own entity. Even when Syncing, you are throwing a message in a bottle (cue The Police :mrgreen: ) out to the other device. There is no umbilicus between the devices that will cause either or both to “die” if the cord is cut.

So, with Sync data, the devices will pass along info about what they’ve done.
With deleting an entire database, that’s local to the device you’re deleting on.

8) Many thanks!