Closed Volumes (dtSparse) (Catalina Bug?)


after updating to MacOS Catalina, on two of our Macbooks i experience the error that encrypted volumes (dtSparse) become unmounted after a few hours. The database itself is still open. The files in it are not available.

Has anyone noticed the same problem?


Sorry to reply in the negative but, on the basis it might be useful, I have to say that I’ve not experienced that problem. I have an encrypted DT3 database which usually remains open all day and have always found the files in it to be available. I’m running DT 3.0.1 under macOS 10.15 (with the supplemental update).


It’s actually a bit strange because I also have another encrypted database on one of the affected Macbooks that does not have this issue…

Maybe the technical support team has an idea! Could it be that the sparsebundle file is corrupt?

Where is the dtSparse file located ?

The dtSparse is stored in a subfolder of the documents folder.

For what it’s worth, that’s the same local location as my encrypted database—so there must be some other problem in your case.


Thanks for your answer. Did you created the encrypted database with Catalina installed?

No—that could be a significant difference between us (assuming yours was created under Catalina). My encrypted database was created under Mojave.


My was also created under Mojave! I’ll recreate it under Catalina and maybe the error will be gone! I will report the result!

Do you use Documents & Desktop in iCloud? That can have some unpredictable effects

Thanks for your suggestion, but i’m not using that!

Since I re-created the encrypted database (under Catalina), the error does not occur (until now)!

Did you create the encrypted database via File > New Encrypted Database… on Mojave or via the disk utility on your own?


Then it’s at least not an AFPS issue as this command always uses HFS+ (more compatible to older macOS versions and less buggy).

Still working since yesterday!

Thanks to all willing helpers!

Hi, I experience the same problem. Encrypted database (created under Mojave) are going to automatically unmounted after <1h. Will give it a try to create new a encrypted database under Catalina and transfer the data afterwards, as here reported.

On one of my Macs with Catalina the issue occurs although i have created a new encrypted db…

Just gave it a try, even a newly created encrypted DB under Catalina is being unmounted automatically. This time after 5min without use.

Actually it corrupts my DB, since files are being imported while the DB is being unmounted. Afterwards files are either not located in the DB (but can be found as orphaned files) or are blank pages!

Anyone a hint how to fix that?

Right now I return to an unencrypted DB, since my document management is to important to use a unreliable technology!

Hi to all,
I also have this issue. Created the encrypted Databases in DEVONthink and Mojave. All workes fine.
Since I upgraded to Catalina I have this issue.
I reinstalled DEVONthink, I also created new DB under Catalina - nothing solved the issue.
Think I also need to go back to unencrypted DB until the issue is fixed.

How do you move back to unencrypted DB? What is the easiest way without loosing anything?
THX for help.