Closing a database

Is there a way or similar way to close a database in DTTG? Like it is from DEVONthink for Mac? It looks like there is option to only delete the database

No, you cannot close a database in DEVONthink To Go. May I ask why you’d want to?

its on the way, I dont use it anymore but I might need it in the future, but I dont want to see it. on Mac its easy just closed the database and it’s gone.

The other option is to just delete the database on DTTG, would that cause any issues if I decide to bring it back at some point?

For now, I closed the database in question on my Mac and on DTTG I just unchecked sync the database.

I delete DEVONthink ToGo databases occasionally, normally caused when I want to create space on a device with limited space.

As long as there is a place from which to “bring it back at some point”, e.g. the Mac, can’t think of any issue.

Also you may wish to remove the sync location by doing a “clean”. See the DEVONthink Help and “DEVONthink Manual” for specifics on “cleaning” sync locations.