CloudKit access was denied by user settings

Why am I getting the following log error: “CloudKit access was denied by user settings; CKErrorDomain 9”? I haven’t changed any settings. Only thing I did just prior to the error message was rebuild the database. Have DT Pro 3.8

Which version of macOS do you use? Is DEVONthink 3 enabled in System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options…?

macOS 15.1. Somehow DevonThink 3 got unchecked under Options. Rechecked it and will see what happens.

The last version of macOS Catalina is 10.15.7. You should keep up to date with operating system point releases.

Correction. Running macOS Big Sur 11.6.1
Just updated iOS to 15.1

Ahh… got it. Thanks for the correction. :slight_smile: