Cloudkit error in DDTG after latest update

After the latest DTTG update (mid-June, 2021), I am now getting this Synchronization error:

“Cloudkit access was denied by user settings: CKErrorDomain 9”


Since everything was working fine a few days ago, what has changed and what do I need to do so DTTG will be happy and synchronize again? Which “user setting” do I need to change?

I checked and I have DT enabled on the Mac under iCloud Drive … “Options”. The iPhone DTTG 3 still has iCloud (CloudKit) enabled. It has the spinning progress that comes and goes but if I click the cloud at the bottom of the main DTTG screen for a sync, then I get this error above.

Nothing has changed that I know of, but now, no sync.


Have you tried rebooting the devices to see if the issue persists?


On the mac, it says it’s synching regularly…every couple minutes.

I did have an issue where I ACCIDENTALLY logged out of iCloud (in iPhone) and had to reset all my “app passwords” for other apps. Could this “log out” affected DTTG 3? Do I need to reenter all the passwords or something?

The error presented is not helpful as it doesn’t suggest what could be wrong, what to try, or what happened.

What to try next?

I deleted everything on DTTG 3 and the app itself. Re-downloaded from Apple. Now it looks like it’s syncing again. Perhaps things got messed up when I had accidentally logged out of iCloud (don’t ever do that!)?

I’ll post back if sync issues resume.


Yes, it’s possible the logging out was the culprit.

You logged out of iOS’ Settings > Apple ID?

I logged out of iCloud by accident.

What a mess that caused! Every app password needed to be redone. The issue with Devonthink is still a mystery, but after deleting the app and all data from iPhone and re-installing, it’s working agin.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :wink:

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