CMD + click on group / tag to open it in new window

While reading a document I find myself often wanting to zoom out: see what I have on the topics (groups, tags) that I have categorized it with, at various depth in the hierarchy (of groups).

I can of course click in the breadcrumb, right-click then “reveal tag” on a tag in the inspector or select an ancestor in the replicants dropdown in the inspector, but all of those actions open the “ancestor” in the same window.

I wish for a modifier key (CMD) to open them in a new window.
This logic could also be applied to “see also documents” and any other representation of an item anywhere in the UI.

Hope it was clear enough …

You can double-click documents in the See Also pane to open them in their own window.

It also works in the navigation bar for groups in a database.
However double-clicking on smart groups means “editing them”.

I tried double-click, alt-clicking, cmd-clicking all around …
I am right these are the only places where it works?

I wished the double-clicking behaviour be more wide-spread and more coherent.