Cmd-~ doesn't cycle through open db windows as expected

Anyone else seeing this strange behavior?

Open 3 databases in 3 windows: A, B, and C.

Use cmd-~ to cycle through the 3 windows. You can move only between windows A and B.

Use shift-cmd-~. You can move between all 3 windows.

Keep window C highlighted after using shift-cmd-~, then use cmd-~, and you can move only between window C and one of the others.

Now, click on the word “Window” in the menu, but do not access any of its menu items. Click again on the word “Window” in the menu to collapse the menu.

Now, cmd-~ works as expected, and moves focus between all 3 windows, but not in the order: A, B, C, A, B, C, which I would expect. Rather, the order is something like: A, B, C, B, A, C.

DTPO 2.3.5. All three windows are in “As three panes” view, and two have the Sidebar enabled.

In addition, DTPO does not always open windows properly after a restart. That is, if I quit DTPO with three windows open, one with database A, another with database B, and another with database C, when I open DTPO again, I will get a window with database B, another with database B, and a third with database A. What DTPO chooses to open is not consistent, and rarely matches what was open when I quit the app.

Any ideas why these things happen?