Cmd-G needed to find 1st instance

DT 1.9.2

To get around the problem of working with spreadsheets in DT, I use the html export feature of my spreadsheet and then import the html file.

If I do a database search for a word which is in this html file, when I click on the html file in the search results, the resulting view of the html file is aligned with the top of the file – it doesn’t show me the hi-lited search word.

I have to click in the file view window (setting the new focus) and then press Cmd-G (find next) to get to the hi-lited search word.

Needing to do these extra steps seems like a bug to me and makes DT a lot less convenient to use. Is there a fix?

P.S. I’ve noticed a similar behavior with large text files (e.g. 300K). The view window will scroll part way, but not all the way towards the hi-lited word. Cmd-G is needed to get to the first instance of the word. The difference is that with the html file, the view window starts at the top of the file, whereas with the text file, it scrolls part way towards the search word. In both cases, I need to set the focus in the file view window and press Cmd-G to get to the first instance of the hi-lited word.