Cocoa Bundle DEVONagent plugins?

What is the status on being able to do more with plug-ins than simple property lists? I am loving the functionality provided in property lists but I feel I need more capability than the XML keys provide at times. Additionally noting that this forum sometimes pops up with questions about maybe obsolete functionality in existing bundle plugins that could be mitigated outside DEVONtechnologies as well. (DT: I’m under signed NDA if it’s accessible on a different track of consumption)

What exactly do you want to do? Cocoa plugins are very similar to XML plugins and therefore I’m wondering if the things you want to do are indeed already possible.

  1. Apple Knowledge Base is broken, but since it’s a bundle, we can’t fix it ourselves.

  2. Sometimes I need multiple EngineUrls like mentioned here:

I really should come at this request with more ammunition, but I wasn’t diligent about saving my reasons. These are only the two most recent reasons.

I’ve made a few of my plugins public. Perhaps they are of interest to you guys too… or if I did something wrong I would simply LOVE someone to tell me how to make 'em better… or contribute (it is social code after all)
Those plugins can be found here: