Code Repository

This is probably a little far fetched but as a developer, I have a need for a code repository. There are a few products out there but none very good. Seems to me that DT Pro would be a great option. I’ve tried using it for this purpose but what I miss is the color differentiation for variables, text etc. I’d be great if you could incorporate this functionality or, create a new product using DT Pro as the engine.


There are lots of code repositories. Why not use Subversion for this? The functionality is so specialized.

Then you have cool OS X apps like Versions:

I’m not a developer but it’s hard for me to see how DTPro could be(come) a preferred “code repository” tool compared to others that are specialized for the task.

Right, though:

I’d think a more potentially viable strategy would be sharing constructive criticism and suggested improvements with developers of those products. You started this thread with:

… and it’s pretty easy for me to agree with that. :slight_smile:

Next time I start thinking out loud, I’ll make sure my figures are nowhere near the keyboard!

That made me imagine something like this:

I’m always interested in hearing ideas/suggestions, and never want to leave an impression of discouraging anyone from making them, even if they’re personally inapplicable. I may be curious to know reasons behind certain ones and/or might suggest alternatives.