Collecting contributed scripts for DEVONthink?

There have now been many useful scripts for DEVONthink contributed by people in this forum. Is there any public place where they are being collected and organized?

Some scripts are obviously too specific to certain situations and questions, but others like @pete31’s recent script to save and restore tags are clearly general purpose. Having them put on a website in a topically-organized manner would be helpful for everyone, I think. It wouldn’t have to be as elaborate as something like EmacsWiki – even just a page organized by topics with links to postings would be a good start.

(Apologies if this has been asked before. I did search the forum but didn’t find anything. I’d volunteer to start something but am underwater with existing projects already.)


It has been discussed

I offered to set up a Github repository at one point

Ultimately that is why the Automation section of this Forum was created - that probably makes sense because everyone has access to that

Thinking a bit more though - Discourse allows the Administrator to designate a given post as a “Wiki” post

@BLUEFROG - could you perhaps pin a Wiki post at the top of the Automation section. That would allow all of us to add some curation to that section - adding Favorites in various categories, reviews, or whatever else contributors feel inspired to contribute to a Wiki about automation examples

Any script that doesn’t depend on user interface scripting or a certain system language, doesn’t require third-party apps, scripting additions, customizazion by the user or a certain setup to make it work and includes at least some basic error handling could be added to the support assistant if it’s of common interest and not just for a quite unique scenario. Therefore suggestions are of course welcome.

To me it seems like a missed opportunity that there is still no curated overview of the many scripts that are available in this forum.

Not everyone is the type to dig into detailed forum threads, so inevitably those users will never discover the existence of scripts that might have helped them get significant added value from DevonThink.

Personally, as the type who does like to dig into these forums and experiment with different scripts, I am still randomly finding new gems on a regular basis. That’s pretty cool on the one hand, but I feel a centralized collection would add a lot of value not just to users but also for demonstrating to the online community more broadly the versatility and extensibility that DevonThink offers.

I’m sure many users would be willing to contribute to the initial curation efforts.

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