College student needing process suggestions

Good morning fellow Devon’s….

I need some advice. I am attending the University of Phoenix; their curriculum is one class a week, for 5 weeks. I have been using DTPO as my center for notes, PDF’s, Doc’s and digital textbooks. I have set up one main database for the whole school called UOP. I have subfolders (1 -5) for each week, inside of these weekly folders are two folders for Individual projects and group projects. My questions, is what would you do differently to optimize the power of DTPO? How could I improve my database? I don’t understand ‘sheets’ or ‘classify,’

Also what is the purpose of DN, is it a holding area for old databases? What should I be using DN for?

Thanks in advance

Basically DN is for those who don’t need the power of DTPO.

I believe there have been a couple posts by people who use both, with those using DN to take quick notes and the like. You can probably do a search of the forum. I know Bill DeVille is one who has posted.