Color of duplicates / replicates

I would like to advocate for marking duplicates and replicates with more subtle colors (when activated in the prefs). Vivid red and blue are great and usable and probably color-blind friendly. But when in a DB most documents end up being replicated, like in mine, then red-everywhere hurts my eyes more than anything else.

I believe I am not the only one would benefit from customizing the visual emphasis they want to give to replicates and duplicates.


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No promises, but the request is noted.

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From an accessibility standpoint (including color-blindness) the current choices are superb.

Yes, but I’d like to +1 the request. I don’t want to diminish the accessability side to this, but the current colors are garish and distracting. Wish I had a constructive suggestion as an alternative, but not my field.

I believe customization is key here: everyone will want to put different visual weight on those two properties.

Something i also wonder is why those colors now replace the little icons representing duplication/replication ? Accessibility principles would probably go in the direction of having both icon and colors.

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I support this request too.

+ 1

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Another +1.