Color of duplicates / replicates

I would like to advocate for marking duplicates and replicates with more subtle colors (when activated in the prefs). Vivid red and blue are great and usable and probably color-blind friendly. But when in a DB most documents end up being replicated, like in mine, then red-everywhere hurts my eyes more than anything else.

I believe I am not the only one would benefit from customizing the visual emphasis they want to give to replicates and duplicates.



No promises, but the request is noted.


From an accessibility standpoint (including color-blindness) the current choices are superb.

Yes, but I’d like to +1 the request. I don’t want to diminish the accessability side to this, but the current colors are garish and distracting. Wish I had a constructive suggestion as an alternative, but not my field.

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I believe customization is key here: everyone will want to put different visual weight on those two properties.

Something i also wonder is why those colors now replace the little icons representing duplication/replication ? Accessibility principles would probably go in the direction of having both icon and colors.


I support this request too.

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+ 1


Another +1.

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Since the pre-version 1 I am in love-hate with the colors.

I often uncheck the option, but it is helpful to right in the file list what kind of data it is – the duplicate icon is a bit too subtle for my old eyes. So after all, I check the option again. But the colors and the different font variants always disturb my piece of mind.

Please check the noted request! Choice would be great.

Seemingly so, but it also presents challenges for support. If you send in a support ticket with a screen capture, will you remember to tell me duplicates are in fuscia and replicants in chartreuse bold underscored ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering the case once again. I see your point.

But there are icons that show that an item is a replicant or a duplicate. I use these as well when I set the colors off for myself. These could be used to interpret the screenshot correctly.

Personally, I would be satisfied with color choice alone.


These could be used to interpret the screenshot correctly.

Perhaps… if we get full-sized screen captures from people :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

OK, seems to be no way to argue here. I still wish color choice.