Column auto-size button broken

I have DVT 1.9.8, and the column auto-size button doesn’t resize the column effectively as it should. Instead, I’m still left with cropped filenames containing ellipses. I guess this is a bug.


SiR G.

EDIT: On Panther 10.3.9, all security updates, iBook G4.

Actually there’s no “autoresize” button and therefore I’m not sure to which user interface element you’re referring.

I guess it’s possible you weren’t aware of this function. It was documented in a (www.)Mac OS X Hints(.com) article. You know the elongated quote marks that sit in a box at the foot of the scroll bar? You use these to resize the columns in the Finder and, in this case DVT. Well, double-clicking this box in the Finder automatically resizes the column to fit the longest filename. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to function properly in DVT, hence my OP.

Happy to enlighten you to another officially undocumented feature of the wonderful world of OS X,

SiR G.

Aha! You’re talking about the column view and not about the columns of other views :wink: But there’s no autosize support yet - the column views of Cocoa and the Finder are not identical (Apple likes to reinvent the wheel several times :slight_smile:) But maybe we’ll add this to a future release.

The next release will support this.