Column width limitation in three panes view

I often need to expand the width of the file name column to see the whole instead of the truncated file names, but bump into the limitation on the maximum column width. I understand this limitation is put on probably to make sure all the columns of the right pane show up in a three panes view. But I am more interested in the file name than the other columns. In order to see the whole file name, now I need to make several other adjustments first, either the whole window width, or the widths of other columns or panes. Is there a way to remove this restriction, or someway to bypass it?


using DTPO2.0pb2

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Another of my kludges: How many columns are you displaying? If the URL column is displayed, do you need it all the time? If not, select View > Columns and uncheck URL. That immediately widens the Name column. :slight_smile:

In short, columns can be quickly added or removed to suit your needs of the moment. :slight_smile:

Thank you Bill, for your quick suggestion.
Yes, I understand that columns can be added or deleted, however, that is more than two clicks away. And to restore the column later on, again more operations. I hope there can be an option to allow change to column width without limitations, so that I can just drag the column boundary to any width (either expanding or shrinking) to my needs of the moment.


Revisiting this ā€“ Iā€™d really like to have the ability to resize the width of all columns as we can in the Finder. I find it very annoying that neither Size nor Kind can be reduced in size.


+1 to this.