Combine into single Document Scanning

I am using the test version of DTP Office with a Xerox multifunction printer, i.e. image capture works and so does generally scanning from within DTP. However, like in posts from old versions of DTP, I do not get the option ‘combine into single document’. I know the work-around by creating a new document, but the manual claims that this option is available.
Is the manual outdated or am I missing something? The option simply does not show up on the screen.

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Creating a new document is not “a workaround”. It is the proper method now. We will look at the documentation. Thanks!

Which image format do you use for scanning? Not all formats support this option, e.g. PDF does, JPEG doesn’t.

Thank you both for the fast reply. I am using PDF, set to be OCRed.
I had noticed that someone had asked this question about 4 years ago when that option was available.

The option to check “Combine into a single document” appears to be gone in Image Capture. I can still see it when I use the scanner (canon pixma mx870) with Image Capture from Preview but not from DTPO. Latest DTPO and macOS High Sierra latest ed.


@Jan: That is correct. You create a new document and scan into it by continuing to hit the Scan button. When you are done, you press the Save button.

Until recently, I could scan by selecting Create new document from the To menu in the scanning Window.

But now when I do that, and click Scan, a new empty document shows up in the Documents section of the scan window. (It has no pages.)

I’m using Devonthink Pro Office 2.11.2 on a Mac running 10.11.6

Create new document is directed to a location in the open databases.