Command-L does not seem to work


I have a little problem with DA. I use keyboard commands a lot, prefering them to the mouse, and one does not seem to work.

In the “Pages” view (I hope it is called that; it is the middle one and called “Seiten” in the German version of DA) I navigate through the pages with the arrow keys, delete non-helpful entries with backspace etc. From time to time, I would like to have a closer look in the DA browser. However, Command-L gives me an empty DA browser window with the DA logo in it, and “http://” in the address line.

Shift-Command-L opens the page in Safari, and strangely enough this one works. However, I’d rather open the DA browser.

Is there a setting I might have overlooked that stops the DA browser from opening the page with Command-L? I haven’t found anything.

Thanks in advance

Sorry everybody, I found it.

Command-L has another purpose; Command-O does what I want it to do.

Here’s a suggestion for a later release: in many applications, for example the Finder Command-Down does the same a a double click (opens a file…). It would be nice if Command-Down would work like that in DA, that is, open the page in the DA browser like a double click does.

Sorry again, Joerg