Command-line [non-UI] DEVONsphere

This is obviously going to be those “no freakin’ way” questions, but I thought I’d at least put the idea out there.

Given that DT Pro has a web server for accessing the the database without using the UI, would it be possible to develop a “core” version of the DT backend which runs headless?

This would basically include:

  • the database
  • the analysis code (classifiers and such – the ‘AI’)
  • the search engine

The tough part of this, of course, would be providing a way to communicate with the headless backend. Document management, searching, and retrieval could feasibly be done through a web server, or command-line utilities could be provided (e.g. dt_add, dt_find, dt_cat, etc).

The core idea that I’m getting at here is the separation of the DT UI from the DEVONsphere backend. The “why” is not worth getting into quite yet; suffice to say that a backend product could be incorporated into other (non-DT/DA) technologies.


Thank you very much for the interesting suggestion! We have, of course, literally hundreds of interesting ideas and plans here on our desks. Unfortunately, time and resources are limited. But one never knows. Stay tuned …