Command Tab - Not Working

I think that there is an issue.

I have an external keyboard on my iPad and whenever I am in another app, like OmniOutliner, safari, youtube etc, I could press command-tab to view the app switcher. But when I’m in DTTG it does not work. What I see are the command hot keys.

What kind of external keyboard?

brydge 7.9 iPad mini

We have heard of this behavior but cannot reproduce it here. Maybe it only happens in certain situations? Could you send us a screenshot of what’s on screen when this issue occurs?

Now its working, if it happens again I’ll take screen shots

Thank you!

Hi Team,

I had the same behavior on a new IPad Pro 12,9“ (M1) with the Logitech Combo Keyboard. An App restart (closing it by hand and opening it again) solved the issue. Maybe there is something on App initialization.

Is this effect limited to DEVONthink To Go? I have seen keyboard shortcuts not working also in Apple Mail and other apps. Usually switching (quite literally) manually and back often make iOS remember the keyboard shortcuts.

Unfortunately I can‘t answer this very well. I just got the keyboard and getting used to it. Up to now this was the only case I noticed that a shortcut was not working. And it happened more than once so I kind of blamed it on DTTG. That being said I am using a number of apps on the iPad so it was the most likely conclusion.

I’ve had this happen a few times, most recently today. I’m using a 12.9 iPad Pro with the latest software, etc. A restart of Dttg fixes it.

Thanks! We can’t consistently reproduce this but it’s still useful information. :slight_smile:

confirmed - I‘m not able to switch to recent app using CMD+TAB. If I long press CMD I can see all those keyboard commands DT2Go is providing, as expected, and all of these commands are working well.
But quickly switch between two Apps using DT2GO is not possible (to be clear: switching from DT2GO to another App doesn‘t work while switching back TO DT2GO using CMD+Tab is working well).

And yes, restart of DT2GO does fix the issue.

Is this consistent for you, @Airestocky? I have seen this exactly once (!) here but I as we don’t explicitly catch this key command it’s hard to see what would possibly cause this.

no, it‘s not consistent - but I saw this more than once (that‘s the reason why I was looking for it in this forum) - I try to reproduce it and if somehow possible I come back

Yes let us know if you find something consistent. Thanks in advance for the efforts. :slight_smile:

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I am consistently having the same issue on an iPad Mini 6, latest OS update, and Apple Magic Keyboard (latest version without Touch ID). Also, the F3 key to show all apps doesn’t work while in DTTG. Other system-wide shortcuts do seem to work, so it seems specific to the app switcher.