Compare Documents

Is there a way to compare 2 documents (text for text). I found a post that’s about 10 years old on this, but nothing more recent and just wonder if someone has a macro or other than might be useful for that ability (other than the word and character count).


Do you mean finding every character difference between the two text files, like the diff programs? Look here … under-os-x

yeah- one of those might do the trick- I’ll check those out; thanks for the link

While not free, the new beta of Beyond compare now runs natively on the Mac

I always use Kaleidoscope.

absolutely adore it

I’ve used Delta Walker for years. Works for me.

Is there a way to diff files of the same type, as OP asked, within DT?

Say I select 2 rtfd files called “Amazing Squids” in List View
I right click and click “Diff”
which makes a new item in the List named:
“Amazing Squids, Diff 2020-05-08 at 9.06.23 PM”, similar time stamp format to what MacOS does on Screenshot.

Short answer: no.

But if you were using plain text, you could try this: