Comparing devonagent and Kagi Search

Kagi search1 is a new search engine that has recently gained its popularity. It’s branded as a premium search service that yields better results than google/bing. I wonder if there’s any comparison between Kagi and devonagent? Seems they primarily target the same group of users?

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Haha! Don’t they all ? :thinking::wink:

DEVONagent isn’t a search engine so one is already orange, the other green (unless you prefer a Fuji or Honeycrisp :stuck_out_tongue:). DEVONagent utilizes search engines and sites as the wells to draw from then filters out the “impurities”, i.e., non-matching pages, and delivers fresh, healthy, umm… water?

Wait… what was I talking about?
And why am I so thirsty right now?

So the Kagi search engine may be accessible to DEVONagent, but they’re in different categories.


lol you’re quite right. One thing about devonagent that bums me a bit is that its search works kind of slowly, far from even, say, duckduckgo. A simple search sometimes takes a full minute. Is that something that can be improved on?

DEVONagent downloads, processes & scans web pages on its own, it’s not a simple frontend to search engine results (although that’s possible, see Express option) and it’s definitely not a tool for a quick search (especially if the top result is usually the only one you want).

See also chapter “Why use DEVONagent Pro?” in the help.

That’s a very vague qualifier. Why do you think it’s simple?

  • Is it a search or search set?

  • What is the plugin or set you’re using?
    Screencaps could be helpful.

PS: Going back to my water filtration analogy, what flows faster - unfiltered water from the faucet or the drip-drip-drip of a water filter?
There is no difference in the performance of the relative functions in DEVONagent.

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Ah yes, thank you for pointing me to the right resource!

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I can see indeed that it would realistically take some time for devonthink. Perhaps speed would improve if I had better internet speeds ( currently 100Mbps ).w

To some degree, I’m sure increased bandwidth would show some improvement.

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Thank you @tychem to make me aware of Kagi Search! It seems like an interesting project to keep an eye on.

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