Comparing two documents

I currently have use for a feature which can reveal word/character differences between two open documents (xml files in this case).

Something like this may also be of use to teachers and examiners to highlight plagiarism (the ‘see also’ feature is an excellent tool for initially finding identical/similar documents). Teachers could also use the highlighted difference feature to check for typing errors in student’s word processing lesson documents by comparing the students text to that of a master document.

Nisus Writer 6 has a macro? tool to compare text in two frontmost documents. After running the macro, character differences between the two documents (viewed in two seperate windows) are highlighted and the underlying text is turned red in color.

Perhaps the ‘See also’ feature could be modified so that text differences will automatically be highlighted in their individual windows, when any two documents in the ‘see also’ score list are double clicked. I realise I can manually compare two launched documents side by side, but actual ‘highlighted’ differences would make the task much quicker and easier.

Other document analyses which may be useful in a future version of DT;

Average word length
Number of sentences
Average words per sentence
Number of lines
Number of paragraphs
Number of pages
Flesch reading ease