Compatibility issue re PDF highlighting?

Sorry if this has been addressed— I can’t find anything obviously on point in the forums and it seems like such an obvious issue I have to assume it’s some sort of user error or it would have been addressed already.

I have always used DT3 to highlight PDFs for my own purposes, but Adobe or PDF Expert or whatever when I’m putting together volumes for someone else’s attention (in my case, to use in oral argument in court). This past week, without giving it much thought, I used DT3 to highlight my documents, merge them into a single omnibus, apply bates numbers— everything but correcting the index and hyperlinks.

Unfortunately, I found out in court that the highlights rendered the text beneath illegible— as though the text was redacted in yellow rather than highlighted In other words, the judge could only read the parts that weren’t important. That was not pleasant. Anyway, mea culpa of course for not checking against different programs on different ecosystems, but is this a known thing with DT? I presume the judge was using some version of Adobe on a PC, and was able to reproduce the issue myself—but only on PC. Mac looks fine in DT3, Adobe, PDF reader and Preview.

Hoping this is something I have done wrong so I can take advantage of this much more convenient and pleasant workflow when assembling materials.


So things looked fine in DEVONthink for you but the judge couldn’t see highlighted text. Am I understanding correctly?

How exactly did you apply them, e.g. by imprinting the document? Which version of macOS do you use?