Compatibility with Maildir email format used by Postbox

Version 6.0 of Postbox came out in April, although I have yet to upgrade. I discovered that were intially using a new default file format:

I also discovered that as of v6.0.9, they reverted to MBOX as their default for IMAP mail. However, I anticipate that while this may be due to some bugginess in compatibility of the format with Thunderbird, that this will eventually be fixed, and they will switch back to Maildir.

So, if this happens, would this format be supported by DT with drag/drop functionality, just as MBOX has? I didn’t see any mention of this format in the manual.

DEVONthink Pro Office supports both MBOX files and Maildir folders, therefore you could try to select the folder via File > Import > Unix-Mailbox…

Thank you. Should drag and drop work?

BTW, I heard from Postbox’s tech support, and they confirmed that they do hope to implement the Maildir file format once it becomes more reliable.

No. Only drag & drop of MBOX files onto DEVONthink’s Dock/Finder icon.