complete email headers

Hi all,

Is there a way to import the complete mail header when importing mail from Apple Mail etc.? I only see the default view in the Pro Inbox, not the complete view. I have Apple Mail set to show “All” header detail, but DTP only shows the default fields “From”, “Date”, “To”, and “Subject”.

I’ve searched the forums but haven’t found a similar discussion.


No, but if you select a message in the list and press Shift-Command-O (Open under the default application) it will open in Mail, where you should be able to see the complete header detail.

Thanks, Bill. Does that mean the complete header is/was stored in the DTPro DB, but is not viewable, or it is linking/opening the original email with full headers stored in the Apple mailbox?

Oops, I use DT Pro Office 2 and capture Mail messages in their native file format, so Shift-Command-O works, the message opens in Mail and the display setup of Mail works, of course.

In DTPO 2 some headers are stored as metadata and the original message is also stored like Bill says. Maybe in a future release we can show/search for more information in the different views.

I’d like to be able to at least search/match X-Original-To and List-Id headers.

Those headers are not stored as metadata, the only ones are the ones supported by Spotlight (see the Spotlight API documention for more info).

Hmm, okay. Thanks for the info.