Complete fail of my first search.

I have been waiting for a year to see the ver 3 of DA and bought it the day I saw it.
My first use of it was to fine an ipad recipe app that synchronizes with my mac.

I chose internet fast scan and entered the search term:
ipad synchronize NEAR mac recipe NEAR app kitchen

I got ONE result! it was for a kitchen cabinet supplier whose web site has only one word from my search term.

I then used the same search term with Google and got several pages of valid results.

Tell me what I did wrong and why I shouldn’t be asking for a refund. I assume that this app must work so I must be doing something wrong but it isn’t evident.

You did know that DA has a try before you buy trial period?

I had tried DA2 but didn’t like it enough at the time (it has been so long I can’t remember why). Because I had tried DA2, DA3 thought the trial period had elapsed so would not let me do a trial.

Can you help me with the search term?

P.S. Changed the name of the thread.

Too late now, of course, but it’s possible to submit a Trial Extension request.

Not quite sure what you’re trying to do but maybe it’s missing quotes and/or parentheses. Have you looked at Operators and Designing a Search Query documentation in Help > DEVONagent Help?

I’ve tried tweaking the search, and got better results with this:

ipad ((synchronize OR sync) NEAR mac) (recipe NEAR app) kitchen

If you then turn on fuzzy matches, I get 8 results which had some good results. Google often uses fuzzy searches, so that probably helped. Removing kitchen gives a few extra hits.

Sometimes you have to be creative with the query in order to get the results you want. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t write the program off – experiment!

I just tried a search on ipad recipe app with a secondary query of sync or synch or synchronize and got 14 good results.

Be sure to read through the manual about how to construct queries. Also, a good strategy is to use a pretty general primary query, and then filter your results using the secondary query. Also, the “secondary search” field (the field at the top, not sure what to call it) allows you to filter queries on the fly without having to do the whole search again.