Complex boolean smart folder?


I’d love to have a smart folder include all files that match either A or B (or both) yet exclude all of them that additionally match C. In booleans, that would be (A AND B) NOT C. Is there a way to do that?


Sure, matches conditions (e.g. All matches …) support operators & wildcards. Or just perform a search and save it as a smart group.

Hello, thanks once more to both of you.

In this case actually, I don’t yet see how this is done. Advanced search offers to look for All or for Any, but not for a combination of both. Yet if I need to find files that are either tpyeA or tpyeB, and exclude all that are type C, I would require a search that goes:

All – of the following are true:
tpe – is not – C

Any – of the following are true:
type – is – A
type – is – B

I can of course write this as boolean operators. As far as I see (and read manual pp 232–235) that would be:

filename!=typeC AND (mdart==tpyeA OR mdart==typeB)

but that yields no results at all, and search translates this string into:

All – of the following are true:
Filename – is not – typeC AND (mdart==tpyeA OR mdart==typeB)

— meaning it reads the entire expression typeC AND (mdart==tpyeA OR mdart==typeB) as the filename, not as a string of operators.

Since manual p 232 states that search supports complex queries (multiple operators and brackets), it would seem that my syntax is off—but how?

Or maybe there is another way for this altogether?

Thanks again!

The boolean operators work on search terms, not on expressions: NOT operator doesn't seem to work - #11 by chrillek

Does this do what you want?

All of Name is not something Any of kind is PDF/PS kind is MD
Use Opt when your mouse is over the plus sign to add the Any of part.

Windows > Sidebar: Smart Group and Rule Editor in the built-in Help and manual.

This looks great and—with the Eine der folgenden Bedingungen ist erfüllt—like exactly what I am looking for. But where do you find, or how do you get the Eine (Any) choice in the third pulldown? I get a choice between All and Any (Alle / Eine) in the very first pulldown (the one you chose Alle in), and that remains the only pulldown with those entries. Any pulldown thereafter commences with All but continues with a very long list (Content, Metadata … ) not containing Any, rather than offering All / Any. How do you manage to get this Alle / Eine in your third pulldown?

Please read the previous posts (mine and @BLUEFROG‘s) again. It’s explained there. Twice.

It is indeed, forgive me. I overlooked the part that explains the use of the option key. With that, it all works fine.

Thanks for your patient help!

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