Complex Search Queries - How to perform?

Hi all,

A few days ago I read about primary and secondary DEVONagent searching, and I’m not exactly sure how that works. I’d welcome information on that.

Also, in an attempt to hone my search skills, I’m doing some random searches to see what kind of results I get. Right now, I’m trying to search for a potato salad recipe that doesn’t include sweet potatoes or yams, but does include sweet pickles or relish. However, my searches aren’t returning the results that I’m expecting them to.

I’ve tried:
Potato (NOT (sweet OR yam)) salad sweet near (pickles OR relish)
and a few other things.

I’d welcome your thoughts on how to complete a search like this.


I think I now understand what is meant by “primary” and “secondary” queries, but please make help me make sure that I’m on track:

Primary = is the first part of the search that is entered that might contain AND, OR, or NOT, or a phrase
Secondary = is entered on the same line and at the same time as the Primary search, and will contain a more complex search containing AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, BEFORE, parenthesis, wildcards, etc.

This search seems to work a bit better than previous above. Can it be improved?
potato salad NOT (“sweet potato” OR yam) NEAR sweet (relish or pickles)

Without parentheses search terms are evaluated from left to right, therefore a search term identical to your description…

…would look like this:

potato salad -“sweet potato” -yams (“sweet pickles” OR relish)

Better would be propably…

potato NEAR salad -“sweet potato*” -yam* (“sweet pickles” OR relish)