Concordance List Save

Hello. I have searched the forum for this issue, but have not seen the answer I am hoping to find. Can I save or export an entire concordance list, rather than only highlighting individual lines and copying them to the clipboard? Thank you.

You cannot export the list but you don’t have to highlight one at a time either. Contiguous and non-contiguous selections can be made (via Shift and Command, respectively). This can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into a text editor or potentially a spreadsheet app. (I tested this just now with an OpenOffice spreadsheet and it seemed workable.)

Cheers! 8^)

If the Concordance window has the the focus, then it can be printed (File > Print). In many cases, that is a ridiculously large print object, but with judicious setting of Concordance parameters you might be able to narrow it down to something useful. Also, there is a “get concordance of” function in DEVONthink’s AppleScript definition library, which can be use for getting the concordance data out of a selection of documents or groups. It’s pretty easy to code that script.