I am trying to do a concordance of just one document in a group, but I keep getting a concordance of all the documents in the entire database. I have also tried removing the document I wanted concorded (if that is a word…) from the group, but I still get the concordance of the whole database.

How can I separate out a single document for a concordance?


I am just starting to work with DevonThink - up to page 95 of the screen manual.

Control-click on the document name, then choose "Open" in the contextual menu.

If the document type opens in DT (e.g., text, RTF, RTFD, PDF) the “Word” button at the bottom of the window will show the words contained in the document. I think that’s what you are looking for.

The problem was I had linked the document, not inserted into DT which was picking up the previously inserted (later changed to linked) documents.

Thanks, I understand how it works now.