Configure Inbox sync setting

I can set certain folders to always download and others will download on demand. Brilliant!

Except that “Inbox” is a special folder, and if I want to set my inbox to always download, I need to do set the whole Database to always download.

I find this is a strange limitation. For me the Inbox is the most important folder to download. I dump stuff in there via scanner, Hazel, and the DTPO sorter. Then I can do my processing & filing on the mobile/ipad. The is the biggest value I get out of DTTG.
For my use case I would thus normally need the inbox and a couple of other folders to always sync, the rest can download on demand.

Of course everyone in my situation could adjust all their systems to send files to a different folder other than inbox, but I hope this could be something simple to implement?


Thanks for the suggestion. We have a feature request on this. Cheers! :smiley: