configuring dtpo with scansnap

Hi - I’ve read through several posts on this topic but no-one seems to be having the same issue as me. I have DevonThink Pro Office and a ScanSnap S1500M scanner, and for a long time the process of scanning docs as PDFs into DTPO was seamless - DTPO’s scanning progress window would pop up, followed by a screen into which i typed some metadata, and the PDF would be saved into my Inbox. At some point (perhaps when i upgraded to Lion) i started getting a DTPO error after scanning was completed, something like this: “Document at path … does not exist! Continue to import the document as is or skip it?” After hitting OK, i would get a second message: “Can’t import PDF document at location: > Inbox. You can try to inspect the document in the Finder and try to import it from there.” The document DID get saved to my Inbox, despite the message. Strangely, though, (a) this message didnt appear consistently and (b) sometimes I would end up with 2 copies of the same scanned document in my inbox.

I have ScanSnap Manager set up as follows: Profile name: Standard; Application: DevonThink Pro Office (verified the path is correct); Save to: /Users/…/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox; Image quality: Best; Color mode: Auto color detection; Scanning side: Duplex; File format: PDF; Convert to Searchable PDF: True.

In DTPO/Preferences/OCR I have: Incoming Scans: Convert to searchable PDF=True; Original Document: Move to trash=True; Searchable PDF: enter metadata after text recognition=True; Resolution: same as scan; Quality: 100%; Recognition: Automatic; Primary language: English.

I didnt go about this in a very methodical manner so it would be impossible for me to say what behavior resulted from tweaking what setting. I would like to stop receiving the above-mentioned error messages and also avoid having two copies of the same document delivered to my Inbox after scanning. Any help would be appreciated.

This is just a guess. Try reinstalling the SnapScan software. Make sure you’re using the most recent update. It sounds to me like either a corrupt or maybe duplicated plist.

That did it, Ken. Thank you for that idea! Actually, I ran the “ScanSnap Support Tool” which gives you the option to restore original settings. Then I shut down DTPO, then restarted ScanSnap Manager, then restarted DTPO and was prompted whether i wanted to set up a profile for DTPO in ScanSnap Manager. The only thing i had to change after that was to disable the ‘quick menu’ in ScanSnap Manager. All’s well.

Great, glad I could help. These are pretty common solutions for Mac software problems generally.

The problem was caused by choosing “Inbox” as the destination in which to save the scanner’s image file(s). ScanSnap Manager’s default destination is your Pictures folder, which works. When you hit the button to restore original settings, Pictures became the selected folder.

What’s wrong with saving to Inbox? The problem is that the image file(s) would be immediately flushed to the Global Inbox, confusing DEVONthink Pro Office to no end. :slight_smile: