Confirming correct capture from a web page

When I capture from a web page, sometimes what I get is not what I expected. For example, the targeted page may refuse to provide a full version.

EagleFiler has a simple aid for this: in its notification, it shows a small picture of the first page of the captured document. (See attachment, which has 2 EF examples and one from DT) DT shows useful information: the title and URL of the document. But it does not show a picture. This would be especially useful when I check the “Reformat with Instapaper” option. Sometimes this gives junk.

I am trying to get in the habit of clicking-through on the notification, which takes me to the captured document. But when I’m capturing a lot of material in a short time, it is easy to lose track, and it’s also time-consuming.

thanks for considering.

Thanks for the suggestion, the next release will support this.