Conflict resolution

I have read that a second-generation Sync procedure is in development.

If that is far away, can you in the meantime please give us a way to find out the path of the group containing a conflict?
With some of the sync procedures of the last months I have had to spend half an hour trying to guess where in the database the conflict is, because DT only shows the group name, which in my case is not unique within the database. I have also lost some data because of this.

Sure, I’ll look into this.

What sort of data did you lose?

Thank’s, that’s great!

I don’t remember what it was exactly, because it is quite some time ago and I have been more cautious since then. I have got a DT database with patient records where each patients group has a subgroup called “Ordinationen” (consultations) containing some files and groups. So when Conflict Resolution asks me to decide about a conflict between “Ordinationen” in my iMac and my MacBook I get into trouble, because there are hundreds of “Ordinationen” in that database. Then I have to try to guess or look through all of the patient records I have worked on since last sync

If DT would show the path to the conflicting group/file it would be a lot easier to make the right decision.

Ah, I see. That makes sense.

For what it’s worth, you shouldn’t be able to lose any content data. If you have a conflict between “Group 1” (which contains “Group 2”, which contains “Record 1” or something), and pick the “wrong” copy of Group 1, Group 2 and Record 1 aren’t affected by this. They’ll still synchronize. The only thing that is different is that you’ll have the wrong copy of Group 1 – it might be labelled wrong, or have the wrong name or tags or something. Group 1 doesn’t include any information about Group 2 or Record 1 – instead, Group 2 and Record 1 have references to Group 1. I hope that makes sense.

Does that mean that when Conflict Resolution indicates conflict of a group, there is no conflict of the content of that group? If that is the case I wonder why I get group conflicts so often, since I never change group labels, tags or names.

If I remember right, Conflict Resolution sometimes shows a conflict of a rtf file. In that case one version of the rtf file will be overwritten and I will loose the changes I had made to the overwritten file. So in order to find out which version of the file to choose, I would need to know where it is in my database. If the name of the rtf file is unique or there are only few with the same name, I can do a search for the file and it will not take too much time to find it. It would be better if DT would show the path to the file and even better if Conflict Resolution could show a preview of the two conflicting files.

Groups used to be updated (i.e. their last-changed dates would be updated) whenever a record within that group was added, removed, etc. That might be it.

Indeed, I agree. Unfortunately, the latter is impossible with the general design of Sync 1 (it’d have to download the file to preview it). The former is much more likely… it’ll be considered for a future release.