Confused about iCloud synchronisation

I am confused by the process of setting up and enabling iCloud synchronisation. I have read the articles and documents about how to configure it in DT but have recently had trouble with no synchronisation occurring at all. When I went to check the Sync settings in Preferences I found that iCloud had been disabled. I removed it from the list and tried to re-add it only to discover that iCloud was no longer listed as a sync type.

I checked my iCloud settings on my Mac and found that DT was checked as enabled for document synchronisation with iCloud (System Preferences, Apple ID, iCloud Drive, Options).

So, my question is, to get reliable synchronisation between two Macs and two iOS devices which set up do I choose to synchronise? iCloud syncing via iCloud Drive or via Sync in DT?

Does it work after downloading the app from our website again and replacing the installed app (and maybe rebooting the computer)? iCloud works only in case of a valid code signature, maybe the installation is broken.

I will give that a try - thank you.

I reinstalled DevonThink and first checked what the settings were in my Apple ID settings on my Mac. DT was checked. I left it like that and went to the Sync settings in DT preferences. No iCloud option was available.

When I selected Open Database, I saw in the sidebar of the popup Finder window that Databases was listed, and my files were there. So I opened all of them and it seems OK now.

I have not tested creating a document in one place and looking for it on another device, but I know iCloud is a law unto itself and thus we just have to hope/pray it works. I now understand, however, that if you have Documents & Data synchronisation set, then this is the way DT synchronises with iCloud.

One small point: the documentation is not very clear on this and could do with being improved a bit as although I am new to DT, I am a long-time iCloud user and couldn’t work out what was going on.

Thank you for your speedy help.

Which version & edition of DEVONthink do you use on which version of macOS?

DT Pro 3.6.1 on Big Sur 11.1

Could you please post a screenshot of the iCloud Drive settings of macOS and a screenshot of Preferences > Sync of DEVONthink? Thanks!

Hmm - although both mobile client and desktop client can see databases in iCloud, they don’t seem to be synchronising. Both clients have a version of one of my databases, but they are out of sync and not updating it seems.

This is incorrect. That preference is unrelated and we don’t advocate it’s use.

Reboot the machine then check for the iCloud option in DEVONthink.

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Rebooting, making sure DevonThink was NOT selected in the iCloud Preferences in the Apple ID, I was able to set up iCloud sync again in DT. It now appears to be working correctly.

Thank you for your assistance. Moral of the story - let DevonThink do the syncing - not Apple’s iCloud settings!

You’re welcome.

making sure DevonThink was NOT selected in the iCloud Preferences in the Apple ID

You should have System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Drive: Options > DEVONthink enabled…

So this is why I am confused. What’s the difference between setting DEVONthink 3 sync here (in your screenshot), and setting up iCloud sync inside DT?

Do you advise turning off the toggle for DEVONthink on both macOS and iOS?

Could that be why my download from iCloud to DTTG is so slow? I recently switched from Dropbox to iCloud for DEVONthink sync (only because it didn’t make sense for me to pay $10x2 in order to have both cloud storage services). But I can’t get DTTG to fully sync, because it is taking ages to get files to download.

To give you some idea. I have been working off and on to download the databases from iCloud for a month or so. I don’t have time to let my iPhone sit during the day much, because I use it a lot. I finally started setting it up to run overnight with the screen on all night, and it still only downloaded a few notes. Everything seems to be working; it’s just incredibly slow.

Quick follow-up: I turned off the toggle for DEVONthink in iOS and when I went back to DTTG, it said it couldn’t find the iCloud container. I turned the toggle back on, and sync is working again.

DEVONthink has its own sync engine. iCloud is separate from DEVONthink.

Welcome @cahuntington

Correct. You should have iCloud enabled for DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go if you’re going to use iCloud as a sync location.

I would also ask if either of you actually need to use a remote sync option.

Can you clarify the question? If I want to have files on my phone and my desktop, is there another option than remote sync?

See this…

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